Why Travel Patches Make the Best Souvenirs

It’s no secret that in 2020, we didn't have had the opportunity to take that backpacking trip overseas, or fly across the country for our favorite concert festivals, but in 2021, we’re hoping that we get to bring out our passports and get back on the road!

Travel patches are a memorable souvenir for all of your voyages. At Patch Collection, we recently launched new travel patches for cities such as New York City, Madrid, National Parks, and so many more! There’s nothing worse than collecting souvenirs that just sit in a box, with no use. With patches, you don’t have to worry about that. Keep reading to learn why travel patches make the BEST souvenirs.

They're affordable keepsakes

You don’t need to break the bank to buy that flashy souvenir you think you need. At PatchCollection.com, our travel patches range from $5.95-$9.95 USD! This way, you can fully enjoy your vacation and collect purposeful souvenirs without cutting corners!

You can flaunt your trips your outerwear and accessories

Similar to your passport, strutting your travel patches on your denim jacket, your carry-on bag, or backpack, shows off your adventurous spirit and scenic journeys. Order your patches online and when you return home, you will have a fast and easy DIY project waiting for you!

You're able to showcase your travels
Patches aren’t only for wearing! There are countless different out-of-the-box ways for you to show off your travel patches. Many people like to collect their patches by sewing or ironing-on their patches to a blanket, displaying them in their vans, and framing them for home decor.
And most importantly, remember your travels

This past year more than ever, we are all missing our previous adventures, our road trips to visit our family, and spontaneous plane rides. If we would have predicted a year-long period of staying home, maybe more people would have taken that trip they’d been dreaming of and collecting the souvenirs they realllllly wanted. Wearing and showcasing these patches, is a fun and easy way of documenting those “wander-ful” times.

Where will you explore next? Share your response in the comments!

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