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Easy Steps

How to Iron-on Patch Instructions
Fabrics like denim and cotton provide the best base for iron on patches. Look at the fabric care label to see whether it can be ironed (if not, there will be a crossed-out icon of an iron). If there's no label, try to figure out what material it's made of. Be very careful with polyester fabrics, since applying the high heat necessary for ironing on patches can burn the fabric or cause it to get discolored. Silk and other delicate fabrics are not good candidates for patches.

Items Needed

Clothing Iron - Press Cloth - Desired Patch(es)

Prepare Clothing Iron

Pre-heat iron for 5 minutes on the higher setting (No Steam)

Patch Placement

Place patch(es) on the desired location of the garment.

Pressing Patch

Place a press cloth over patch(es) and iron firmly for 25 seconds.

Pressing Patch

Reverse garment inside out and repeat the ironing process.

Let it Cool

Gently check if the patch(es) adhered properly. Repeat if needed.


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