3 Common Mistakes People Make When Applying Patches

Ironing on patches is simple! However, without the proper instructions, it is easy to make mistakes. We created a list of the 3 most common mistakes people make when applying their patches. We outline below how to ensure that you are fully prepared to apply your new and favorite Patch Collection patches! To learn how to avoid these mistakes, keep reading!

1.Their ironing board is not at the right temperature.

Make sure your iron is on the highest setting and that your steam settings are OFF.

2.They iron directly over the patch.

You’ll want to cover your patch with a white t-shirt, teflon sheet or other cloth to protect the patch from burning!

3.They don’t wait for the patch and garment to cool down.

After you iron on the patch, let your patch and garment sit and cool down for 5 minutes, this will help set the patch unto your garment. 

Alrighty! You are now ready to get creative with iron on patches! Want an in-depth tutorial of how to iron on your patches? Click here!

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