Let’s Talk Patches... In The Workplace!

Let’s talk all about patches!  What comes to mind when you think of patches? Maybe sports? What about scout patches? 

Well, the patch universe has become so much more in recent years! 

Just take a look at the diverse categories on PatchCollection.com. Patches have now become much more versatile and mainstream, even finding their way into our workplaces!

Using patches in the workplace has multiple purposes and benefits. At Patch Collection, we’re here to show you how our patches are versatile and can be used for so much more, including in the workplace! 

Brand Awareness 

Branding is key for every company! Therefore, using patches with your business name or logo will elevate your brand and help it become top of mind for your customers. 

Are you a business that offers swag or snazzy merch to your customers? People love to support their favorite companies and brands and enjoy having merch to show off. Maybe they’ll even tag you on social media and help spread the word about your amazing company!  This continues to reinforce the brand and helps your company become more recognizable in the minds of your market audience.

Patch Collection Brand Awareness 

Build Office Morale With A Patch Of Recognition 

Recognizing your workforce for their achievements can increase your office morale. Much like sports and their uniforms, these patches give employees the feeling of being part of your team! 

A custom logo patch makes for a unique and fun employee incentive for your next workplace contest. When celebrating work anniversaries and birthdays, bring a smile to your employees with a patch they can proudly wear or display at their desk. It’s an easy and lighthearted prize they will enjoy!

Build Office Morale With A Patch Of Recognition

Keep Your Workplace Safe

Now that some employees are back in the office during these unprecedented times, companies are taking more serious measures to keep their workforce healthy and safe. Not only are our patches durable in any type of work environment, but they also add a fun touch to your professional uniform!

Incorporating our iron-on  "Social Distancing Expert" patch or “No Handshakes Allowed” patch on your company uniforms is a simple way to reinforce new policies and habits to keep your employees and customers healthy. 

Keep Your Workplace Safe

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