Let’s Talk Patches… A Patch For Everyone!

With so many designs and options, there is a patch that fits everyone’s style and passion.  There are countless ways patches allow personal and individual expression of oneself. Wearing one is a unique way to show off the passions in your life as well as a way to express your unique experiences. We here at Patch Collection love when our customers visit our shop while looking to find or custom-design their perfect patch. And it’s even better when we see their project finally come together! 

Patch Collection is dedicated to offering a diverse selection of categories and designs that allow anyone to express themselves. 

Mementos of your favorite memories

We all have pictures from our most cherished events in our lives! Whether it’s a picture of your family vacation or a picture of your beloved pet, Patch Collection can turn that special moment into a personalized custom patch through our FotoPatch product.

Use FotoPatch to create that special patch from all those amazing memories right from your phone or computer. You can use these favorite memories to customize your jackets, jeans, backpacks, and much more. These patches take only a few clicks to upload and design and then we’ll take care of the rest!

Photo Patches

Display your fraternity or sorority pride everywhere you go! 

On or off-campus, you’re always wearing your letters!

Adding an iron on patch will complete all your fraternity or sorority gifts. Imagine, it’s Big/Little Reveal or Initiation Day and your Little opens their basket to see a personalized jacket or tote bag that you customized just for them! 

Wear your art on your sleeves...literally!

Are you an artist or designer? Celebrate your creativity and wear your designs!

At Patch Collection, we love working with creatives. Over the years we have collaborated with countless artists to bring their visions to life and turn ideas into wearable art!

Custom Iron on Patch

Rep your city wherever you go

Some of our favorite pieces at Patch Collection are our Houston themed patches! Especially our Houston Iconic Montage Patch. This piece highlights some of the most prominent landmarks and icons of the city. Wearing this patch allows you to always keep Houston close to your heart! 

But the fun doesn’t end there. Our diverse selection features different cities and cultures from around the world...but stay tuned as we’re always adding more designs each and every month!

713 Patches

Which city would you rep? Leave your comments below!

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