DIY Personalized Phone Case with Patches

Phone cases are not JUST for protecting your phone, they have now evolved into fashion accessories! Customizing your phone case with patches is a fantastic DIY project. Create a unique phone case that reflects your personal style. In this quick guide, we'll show you how to apply patches to your phone case using glue, giving your device a trendy and personalized look.


Materials You'll Need:

- Phone case (clean)

- Patches with Iron on backing 

- Super glue

Step 1: Choose Your Patches

Start by finding and selecting the patches that speak to your style. There are a wide variety of patch designs out there, from cute animals to classic rock bands. Ensure that the patches you choose match the size and style of your phone case.


Step 2: Prepare Your Workspace

Find a clean and well-lit area to work. Lay down a cloth or paper towel to protect your surface from any glue spills or smudges. Make sure you have all your materials within reach.


Step 3: Position the Patches

Before you apply any glue, arrange your patches on the phone case to determine the best layout. Experiment with different placements until you're satisfied with the overall design. This is the fun, creative part where you decide on your unique arrangement.

Step 4: Apply the Glue

Ensure the phone case is clean before applying the patches. Once you've finalized the placement of the patch, it's time to secure them to your phone case.  Take your fabric glue and a toothpick or small brush to apply a thin, even layer of glue to the back of your patch. Do this one patch at a time. Make sure to cover the edges and corners, but avoid using too much glue to prevent it from seeping out when you press the patch down.

Step 5: Attach the Patch

Carefully place the patch on the desired spot of your phone case. Press it firmly to ensure it adheres securely to the case. Hold it in place for a few seconds to allow the glue to set.


Step 6: Repeat the Process

Continue this process for each patch you want to attach to your phone case. Take your time and be precise. 


Step 7: Let It Dry

After applying all the patches, let the glue dry. It's crucial to be patient during this step to ensure a strong bond. The drying time may vary depending on the type of glue you're using, so refer to the glue's instructions for guidance.


Step 8: Clean Up

While the glue is drying, take a moment to clean any excess glue off your phone case or patches using a clean cloth or paper towel. This will give your phone case a polished look.

Step 9: Enjoy Your Customized Phone Case

Once the glue is completely dry, your custom phone case is ready to use. Show off your personalized style and unique design to your friends and family. Your phone case is now a reflection of your personality! 

Customizing your phone case with patches and glue is a simple and enjoyable DIY project. Patches allow you to express your individuality and keep your phone protected in style. Get creative and have fun with this DIY craft project.  You will now have a one-of-a-kind phone case that stands out from the rest.

For a visual demonstration of this DIY project, check out our TikTok video where we apply patches with glue to a phone case: WATCH HERE


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